Civil War Ships Under Construction

Our built in the USA model team is busy packing and shipping our LED lit Airplane models, They will be arriving to their new owner this week! A very large project with a few four foot wide model planes to light up a pool table in a airplane hanger.

We are now working on a few Ship Models from the Civil War for a customer. They are going to reside in a large Diorama with a Rail Road, soldiers and many other cool details. Can’t wait to show them off!

Don’t forget about our built in the USA models!

A very merry Christmas and a happy holiday to all that have purchased from us over the years and take time to read my stories. Type in code 001 in check out and receive a little bonus when you buy early for the holidays! Look for the coupon code box and insert that code and save a little as a thank you from us!

Happy holidays! from the Team here at MMO/SMSS

Bob & Dee Dee

On their way to the New Owner!

Airplane Model LED

Look at the cockpit detail!

LED Airplane Model

Clear Canopy


Marker lights lit up with LED

About shipmodelsuperstore

I own a ship model web store and love old wooden ship models. I have been selling quality model airplanes and ship models for years and enjoy building them. My house looks like a hobby shop!
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