Dispariging future for the Queen Elizabeth II

I find it extremely sad that the Queen Elizabeth 2 sits at a dock in Dubai basically rotting instead of becoming a mega floating historic hotel as had been promised by it’s new owners. The scuttle around now is that she has been bought by an Asian company to scrap? That is a sad ending for such a big part of history. She will probably end up ground up and sold back to us in tiny Asian tin toys.
Rod Fair, a former engineer on the QE2, told Arabian Business: “I cannot for the life of me understand why this magnificent ship is sitting there rotting, AND costing somebody a fortune, when it could well be elsewhere being useful,” said Rod Fair, a former engineer on the QE2.”
Marc-Antoine Bombail, author of several books on the QE2 said: “The Queen Elizabeth 2 has to be preserved for future generations because she is a vision of majesty, power, luxury and elegance with no equivalent in today’s shipping world. To let QE2 rot away or get scrapped would be a supremely uncivilised outrage. What is happening to her since 2008 is just nonsense.
“I still hope Dubai will eventually find the amount of inspiration and courage (not just money) required to preserve QE2 in a sustainable and creative manner, like the Americans did with Queen Mary, the Dutch with Rotterdam and the Japanese with Hikawa Maru. Even if this means sending her to London, where a smart and exciting project is ready for her. She deserves such a positive, innovative and realistic project at long last. And so does her loyal following worldwide.”
Alan Snelson, a photographer who worked on the ship added: “QE2 was for many years the most famous ship in the world. Wherever in the world I traveled on her I only had to say “QE2” to any taxi driver and I would be taken straight there. Now she is suffering the ultimate indignity of being hidden away in an industrial dockyard and seems to be being left to wither away. A great many people in Dubai don’t even seem to realise she is still there! If no viable plan can be put in place by her current owners then they should be able to release her to someone who can save her before the damage is irreversible.”
Since being sold by Cunard in 2007, the classic liner Queen Elizabeth 2 has been the locus of many plans and schemes, all of which have come to naught. Sadly, the ship has remained tied up at a dock in Dubai’s Port Rashid for the last six years, where she is falling into disrepair.
Purchased by state-run conglomerate, Dubai World, for about $100 million, the ship was moved to Port Rashid in 2008 to be converted to a 1,000 room luxury hotel. After the recession of 2008, Dubai World was staggering under a huge debt load and plans for the QE2 were put on hold. In mid 2012, Dubai announced a more modest hotel plan for the ship, reducing the number of rooms to 300. By years end, these plans fell apart as well, and it was announced that the ship was being sold for scrap. In early 2013, the Oceanic Group announced that the ship was not being taken for scrap but would be converted to a luxury hotel in Asia. A year later, these plans seem no closer to fruition than any of the others.
The only recent activity observed aboard the classic liner were workmen in shorts and T-shirts cooking a pig over a barbecue made from half an oil drum.

In a ship yard waiting for years to be refitted

In a ship yard waiting for years to be refitted

Queen Elizabeth II a waiting for a new life

Queen Elizabeth II a waiting for a new life


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