New Clipper Ship Made of Wood


Dream Symphony Clipper Ship

Dream Symphony Clipper Ship

Dream Ship Victory announced the beginning of the construction of the impressive new 141 m sailing yacht Dream Symphony designed by Ken Freivokh Design and Dykstra and Partners Naval Architects. On the 9th of February, designers and naval architects met in Amsterdam to give one of the largest yacht projects in the world the go-ahead for construction.

Immediately following the decision to go ahead with construction of the 141m Dream Symphony yacht, DSV’s CEO Valeriy Stepanenko set in motion an impressive construction project at their Dream Ship Victory base on the Aegean Sea. Since her inception, Dream Symphony has surpassed expectations in wind tunnel tests and has received approval to integrate the exciting and unique concept features.

A massive and quite beautiful construction in its own right is the purpose built support structure for the 141m Dream Symphony sailing yacht. In parallel, work is also progressing on both the 55m Sailing yacht Princess Maria and the 43m superyacht Imagination, while the 63m luxury yacht Mikhail S. Vorontsov is nearing completion at its fitting out base at Balk Shipyard in the Netherlands.

When delivered sometime in 2016, Dream Symphony will be a clipper ship for the 21st century. Like the 19th century clippers, Dream Symphony will carry an impressive cloud of sail and like the clippers, it will be built of wood. That alone is remarkable as Dream Symphony is 462’7″ft (141m) long. Historically, wooden vessels could not be built longer than around 300′ long.

Conventional carvel planked wooden construction was just too flexible for longer ships. The longest schooner ever built was the Wyoming, which was 350′ on deck. Despite being heavily strapped with iron, the ship flexed and twisted in heavy seas, opening her seams and requiring constant pumping to keep her dry.

To avoid the traditional limitations of wooden vessels, Dream Symphony is built of glued layers of wood laminates. The whole structure is highly engineered and the product of extensive finite element modeling. The wood/epoxy laminates are also protected by fiberglass on the outer hull surfaces.

Unlike the clipper ships of the 19th century, Dream Symphony is a fore and aft rigged four masted staysail schooner. She will set 5,000 square meters of sail, which is impressive when compared to clippers of the 1800s. The clipper Cutty Sark, for example, set 2,976 square meters of canvas.

Dream Symphony was designed and engineered by Dykstra Naval Architects. The interior and exterior design work was done by Ken Freivokh Design. The yacht in nearing completion at the Dream Ship Victory yard, in Turkey.

When completed Dream Symphony will be the second largest sailing yacht in the world, behind the 147 meter long White Pearl, which is also being delivered in 2016. White Pearl will have three masts and will carry a Dyna-rig, similar to the Maltese Falcon.

Modern sailing mega-yachts differ from the clippers of old in that they are all rich mens’ toys. At the very least, however, they continue to develop the technology of sailing, in advance of the day when commercial sailing ships may again return to the world’s oceans.

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