Is Queen Elizabeth II Now a Dead Ship?

QEII Death sentence?

QEII Death sentence?

QEII officially ‘dead’ after ship is moved from Dubai Drydocks into holding area in Mina Rashid
The former Cunard Line flagship Queen Elizabeth II is officially dead, along with all plans for her restoration and move to an unnamed city in Asia, according to a source at Drydocks World.

There was some measure of hope among fans of the QE2 in mid-August when the hulk of the former Cunard ocean liner was moved from her berth in Dubai Drydocks World to a holding berth in Port Rashid.

A source at the shipyard, however, informs Cruise Arabia & Africa that, contrary to rumours by fans of the ship, she has not been moved because she will soon depart for Asia. In fact, no work whatsoever has been done to the ship.

The reason for her move, according to the individual, is purely to make more room within Dubai Drydocks for vessels require repair and refit work. The shipyard on August 17th announced that it had broken its own record by servicing 40 vessels simultaneously, just days after QE2 was moved.

According to the official, QE2 was moved into Port Rashid, sitting well-behind the port Dubai Cruise Terminal 2 and Dubai Cruise Terminal 3, cruise ships entering and departing the port, however, will have a wonderful view of the neglected ocean liner, once the pride of the British passenger fleet.

Cruise Arabia & Africa visited the ship earlier this year and found her exterior freshly washed, now, however, the ship is essentially a floating wreck. As the images above show, she is dirty and forlorn, with no crew on-board.

Dubai Drydocks World has been notoriously sketchy about their plans for the ship, having announced in 2013 that she would be made ready for sea and sailed to Asia to begin her new life as a floating hotel.
Those plans, however, were championed by then-chairman of Drydocks World Khamis Juma Buamim, who was also chairman of QE2 Shipping LLC, Dubai & QE2 Holding Pte Limited. He fell out of favour with Dubai World officials in 2015 and was replaced in March.
The sorry state the QE2 is in attests to the failed nature of his plans, which have reportedly been put on hold by new chairman Abdulrahman Al Saleh. As the image above shows, she is entirely desterted, without even night lights as darkness fell over the city.

Cruise Arabia & Africa reached out to Dubai Drydocks World for comment, but unsurprisingly, had received none at the time of writing.


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