Old Wreck Found In Lake Huron



On November 25, 1881, the steamer Jane Miller sank in the Georgian Bay off Lake Huron with the loss of 28 passengers and crew. This summer, American shipwreck hunters Jared Daniels, Jerry Eliason and Ken Merryman, located the wreck in Colpoys Bay, an inlet of Georgian Bay leading to Wiarton on the east side of the Bruce Peninsula north of Owen Sound. They delayed the announcement until the November anniversary of the sinking.

The 24-meter ship is remarkably intact and with its mast rising within 23 meters of the surface. The shipwreck hunters also reported spotting what could be the remains of bodies. The Jane Miller was launched in 1879 on Manitoulin Island and ran between Collingwood and Manitoulin with stops along the way, taking on passengers, farm goods, and other freight.

Marine historian Scott Cameron describes the steamer as rather cranky — short and stumpy with a high profile and shallow draft that made it roll heavily in stormy seas and made it difficult to handle.

Great Video Video Of The Wreck

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