My wife and I have enjoyed models our whole life. Selling them is just as much fun as building them. We take on and build some really cool projects and now that we sell military models on our other site (www.militarymodelsonline.com) I really get to enjoy the whole transportation hobby.

My wife and I have been selling on the web for quite sometime now. We e-bay and collect all kinds of antiques, collectibles and my favorite old toys.

Our first web store was www.shipmodelsuperstore.com has been online for 8 years now and we have met allot of people that love wood ship models as much as we do.

We keep our store stocked with hand made model sailboats, speed boat models, cruise ship models, war ship models, model kayaks, canoes, fishing boats and even some model kits you can build yourself if you like a challenge.

We find news stories from around the world to put on this Ship Model News page. I try hard to keep folks up to date on ships, ship news and discoveries along the way! Subscribe to our feed and enjoy!

Robert Winfrey

“The Model Man”

3 Responses to About

  1. Bob says:

    I wanted to start a blog and see if anyone else liked ship models. building, buying admiring or selling.


  2. Bob says:

    I enjoy building them.


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