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I own a ship model web store and love old wooden ship models. I have been selling quality model airplanes and ship models for years and enjoy building them. My house looks like a hobby shop!

Navy Wants to Retire First Four, Still Almost New, Littoral Combat Ships

  In its recent budget proposal, the Navy announced its intention to retire the first four Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) — the USS Freedom, USS Independence, USS Fort Worth, and USS Coronado — which range in age from twelve to … Continue reading

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Flawed Bridge Technology Set The USS McCain Up For Disaster

(Source: National Transportation Safety Board report) By T. Christian Miller, Megan Rose, Robert Faturechi and Agnes Chang (ProPublica) Dakota Bordeaux had rarely traveled outside his home state of Oklahoma before he joined the Navy in February 2017. He’d certainly never … Continue reading

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Spain Busts First Known Trans-Atlantic Narco Sub

Last week, Spanish authorities seized a narco sub loaded with 3 tonnes of cocaine, valued at $110 million, off the northwestern coast of Galicia. Narco subs have been caught operating in the Pacific and in the Gulf of Mexico. The … Continue reading

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USS Nimitz, USS Roosevelt & the Giant “Tic Tacs” — Navy Videos of “Unexplained Aerial Phenomena”

The videos have been flying across the internet for several years. They are purported to be F-18 gun-camera footage taken in 2004 from planes flying off the carrier USS Nimitz and in footage from 2015 from planes off the USS … Continue reading

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Iranian Tanker Reportedly Hit by Missiles Off Saudi Coast, Iran Media Reports

By Parisa Hafezi and Sylvia Westall DUBAI, Oct 11 (Reuters) – An Iranian-owned oil tanker was struck, probably by missiles, in the Red Sea off Saudi Arabia’s coast on Friday, Iranian media said, an incident that if confirmed will stoke … Continue reading

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Who’s the Pirate — Blackbeard or the State of North Carolina? Supreme Court Will Decide

I found this story below interesting from “Old Salt Blog” Edward Teach, better known as the pirate Blackbeard, terrorized the Caribbean and the North American East Coast in the early 18th century. Now a documentary filmmaker is claiming that the … Continue reading

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Ancient Seafarers, Stonehenge and the Megaliths

Posted on April 30, 2019 by Rick Spilman For centuries, ancient megalithic monuments, such as Stonehenge, existing all across Europe, have been abiding mysteries. Who built them, how and why? A new study by Bettina Schulz Paulsson of the University … Continue reading

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USS Clamagore Saga turns into a lawsuit

I have seen this sub and toured it in person and was amazed at the cramped quarters our Navy personnel had to work in while this sub was in service. Four engines sit in the middle of the sub with … Continue reading

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SS Warimoo, Where are you?

Here is a wonderful sea story which appears to be more or less true. RMS Warrimoo was an Australian/New Zealand passenger ship, launched in 1892. The ship is best remembered for crossing the intersection of the international dateline and the … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Holidays to all. My wife and I own an Auto body Repair Shop along with a few other business’s and just wanted to say that we are very blessed in many ways. We hope you and your … Continue reading

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